11 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week on Coronation Street, the consequences continue for the Platt family after Blake’s attack at Speed Daal.

Elsewhere, Fiz and Tyrone are left in despair over Hope’s latest bad behaviour, while Dee-Dee could be getting closer to someone dangerous.

Here’s a full collection of 11 big moments coming up.

1. David tries to get Max out of trouble


David is horrified by the seriousness of Max’s situation, as the teenager’s racist online videos are blamed for Blake’s vicious attack at Speed Daal. He learns that Max’s charge is being increased to Encouragement of Terrorism.

Solicitor Harriet assures David that she can make a case for Max being a victim of Griff’s grooming, which could lead to the court showing leniency. The only problem for David is how he’ll be able to afford Harriet’s expensive fees.

2. Max’s decision shocks David


Max cuts off David by refusing to take his calls. Alya tries to reassure David that he’s not to blame for what Max did. However, David is clearly struggling as he knocks back booze in a bid to forget about his troubles.

Later, David informs Maria that Max has decided to plead guilty and will now face a sentencing hearing.

3. Hope tries to frame Peanut


Hope remains furious after her new pet Cilla the chinchilla was killed by Beth and Kirk’s dog Peanut. Fiz is also miffed when Beth dismisses the situation, likening Cilla to a posh rat.

Hope plots revenge and uses Vin-Diesel – the stuffed weasel from the barber’s – to deliberately injure her arm. When Hope then approaches Peanut and lets out a staged scream, it’s clear that she has a cunning new plan.

4. Tyrone and Fiz are shocked by Hope’s next claim


Tyrone catches Hope up to no good when he spots her sneaking out of the backyard with the stuffed weasel.

Beth finds herself in a row with Hope, who rushes home and claims that Beth slapped her in the face. When Fiz and Tyrone confront Beth with this accusation and she denies it, the beleaguered couple don’t know what to believe.

5. Paul plays peacemaker for Gemma and Chesney


Gemma continues to berate Chesney for using their wedding fund to finance his new burger venture. Paul then finds Gemma swamped with kids at home, hoping to make some quick earnings via her unofficial childminding service.

Paul is dismayed by the tensions in his sister’s relationship, so he offers to pay towards the wedding as long as she stops arguing with Chesney.

6. Daisy’s stalker crosses the line again


Daisy attends a wedding fair alone when Daniel can’t make it. When she then posts a selfie with a poster in the background, it gives away her location to her online followers.

Stalker Justin pops up shortly afterwards, claiming to a stall holder that he’s Daisy’s fiancé. Daisy is disturbed to realise that Justin now believes they are engaged.

7. Daniel’s warning fails to scare off Justin


When Daniel finds out what’s going on with Justin, he confronts the stalker on the street and warns him to stay away from Daisy.

Justin tells Daisy that he’ll keep his distance for a while, but ominously claims that it’ll give her time to tell Daniel that she doesn’t love him anymore. It’s clear that Justin will be back before long.

8. Dee-Dee is charmed by Damon


Dodgy Damon starts flirting with Dee-Dee, who wrongly believes him to be a respectable businessman.

Dee-Dee seems flattered by the attention, but Nick watches on with concern as he spots them getting closer.

9. Nick confesses to Leanne


Nick worries when he spots Damon befriending Sam. His concerns escalate when Sam gets into a fight at school and admits that Damon gave him tips for standing up for himself.

As Nick voices his displeasure, Leanne accuses him of overreacting. However, Nick fires back by finally telling her that Damon is Harvey’s brother – and that he’s using their Bistro to run his drug empire.

10. Eileen’s return sparks more drama at home


Eileen arrives back from Thailand with a gift of boxing gloves for Todd. When George tries them out, he takes a swing at Todd and accidentally cracks his tooth.

Sean books Todd an appointment with Laurence, which is sure to be awkward after the kiss drama at Christmas.

11. Bernie’s success irritates Dev


Bernie steps in to play some golf with Dev when his usual partner for the game lets him down.

Bernie later reports back to everyone at The Rovers about how she managed to thrash Dev. Dev sulks over the situation – and continues to struggle when the ladies’ golf captain invites Bernie to take part in some trials.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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