Coronation Street viewers distracted as Adam Barlow unveils stark new look

Coronation Street viewers were left struggling to focus on the plotline when they noticed a big change to Adam Barlow star Sam Robertson’s appearance and hated it

Coronation Street viewers found themselves struggling to focus on the show when they noticed something new about fan favourite character Adam Barlow.

The resident lawyer was busy discussing the complexities of max’s case as it become apparent he was going to be charged by police for incitement to attempted murder after his racist video prompted Alya’s stabbing.

But, the gritty storyline was the furthest thing from the minds of viewers when they spotted the change to Adam star Sam Robertson’s look.

The actor was rocking a new man bun – and it was not a hit with viewers who took to Twitter to give their damning verdict.

NEW LOOK: Corrie star Sam Robertson looked unrecognisable as he stepped out this week (Image: ITV)

One wrote: “What in heaven’s name is that on Adam’s head?”

Another added: “You can’t say, AdamBarlow hasn’t been through a variety of hairstyles over the last couple of years, but the man bun is a step too far…”

A third posted: “I see Adam’s Bun is causing quite a stir. I think it’s just in case someone throws him off a shopping centre mezzanine, again.”

Viewers were not happy with the new look (Image: ITV)

A fourth social media user tweeted: “Got a wee bit excited thinking Adam had a haircut but no he’s only got a man


A fifth noted: “Why on earth has Adam got a man bun now? What is he thinking? It’s a no from me. And everybody else. Get a haircut already please.”

Another viewer agreed: “WTF is that monstrous man-bun thing on the back of Adam’s head? Awful.”

The look is another new look for Sam who has been spotted sporting a variety of styles over the years including a curly volumised look and a sleek side swept hairdo.

Adam has his work cut out defending Max (Image: ITV)

Adam meanwhile has his work cut out for him representing Max as the youngster appears to have got himself in some serious hot water.

While he wasn’t the direct assailant in Alya’s stabbing it seems that the authorities are certainly planning on holding him responsible.

Alya meanwhile has returned home from the hospital to continue her recovery after the shock attack.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 8pm

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