Emmerdale Vinny and Lydia’s DNA link ‘uncovered’ as fans say they’re ‘related’

Emmerdale fans have their magnifying glasses out once again and reckon Lydia’s long-lost son could be alive after all – and a lot closer to home than she could have ever imagined

Emmerdale fan-favourite Lydia Dingle could be in for a huge DNA shock in upcoming episodes of the ITV soap, as eagle-eyed fans think they’ve located her long-lost son.

Lydia sadly had a stillbirth when she was just 15 and still going under the name of Jenny Finn, giving birth in the woods and later disposing of the body.

Though she fell pregnant twice with her late husband Steve, never of the babies made it to term.

However, now fans think the baby could have survived and been rescued by a well-meaning good samaritan before being adopted – and some think it could be none other than Mandy’s adopted son Vinny Dingle.

Mandy and Lydia could be in for a huge shock after finding out about Vinny’s true parentage

Though rumours have been flooding social media that Lydia could be the mother to mysterious new nanny Nicky, some more critical fans thought Vinny would be a rather more likely option.

Taking to Facebook and Twitter with their theories, one fan suggested it could be Vinny after all, as someone else posted: “It would actually be so interesting if Vinny and Lydia were biologically related!”

Another echoed: “Late night theory: so Vinny is Lydia’s son? He didn’t die and was rescued?”

Vinny has been through a lot after the death of his wife, so could the news be welcome? (Image: ITV)

“Am I the only one that reckon Vinny is actually Lydia’s kid # Emmerdale. Maybe she had twins,” someone else suggested.

As another eagle-eyed fan agreed; “I think Lydia could be Vinny’s real mum? Could she have had twins?”

A fifth said: “I know it’s not even possible but imagine if Vinny turned out to be Lydia’s son… the one she thought had died!”

Other fans think Lydia is the mum of Nicky (Image: ITV)

Other fans in the social media sphere have suggested it makes more sense for Nicky to be related to Lydia, especially as she spends so much time at Home Farm with her cleaning job.

It means the pair could cross paths and the truth could eventually be revealed.

And taking to Facebook to share their thoughts, one fan wrote: “I was thinking [Nicky] could be Lydia’s son, maybe he didn’t die at birth.”

Another said: “Somebody said Lydia from Emmerdale could be Nicky’s mum, like her kid didn’t actually die at birth.

“I really want it to be true cause I love her and she deserves to be happy!”

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