ITV Coronation Street fans fear character is ‘cursed’ as they scream over Stu error

Stu in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street fans have said a character is ‘cursed’ after they were left screaming at the TV over an error made my Stu Carpenter. The latest trip to the cobbles on Thursday night (January 26) saw the fallout from the stabbing horror which unfolded in Speed Dahl during Maria Connor’s drop-in event.

There was terrifying chaos in the restaurant when Alya Nazir was stabbed by teenager Blake who had planned to attack Maria over her work as a councillor. Fans of the ITV soap watched as Blake appeared intent on causing damage as he live-streamed his visit to Maria’s refugee drop in which was kindly hosted in Speed Dahl by Alya and her gran, Yasmeen.

It comes after both Maria and Alya become the target of an extremist group led by eco-warrior Griff Reynolds and his racist gang who groomed troubled teen Max Turner. And upon seeing the videos Max helped create for the terrifying gang, Blake decided to pull his own horrifying stunt.

Chaos ensued as Blake ran towards Maria brandishing the knife with Max watching on as he raced to the venue to try and stop Blake after witnessing his vile video. When Alya spotted what is happening she jumped in front of Blake and he ended up stabbing her. As she fell to the floor the horrified guests ran out onto the street as Maria’s husband Gary and refugee Daryan battled with Blake who was still brandishing the knife.

After Maira and Yasmeen tried to help a worsening Alya, help arrived and she was rushed to the hospital for a life-saving operation with the doctor telling her gran her lung had been punctured. And on Thursday night, viewers saw that Alya was on track to make a full recovery as she was awake and talking in the hospital.

Meanwhile, over at the cafe, fans watched Daryan struggle to eat his breakfast with Maria having to cut up his food due to both his hands being wrapped up in bandages from his heroic efforts that night. It is then when Stu arrived with an update saying Alya was likely to be coming home the same day.

Daryan was thrilled with the gift after his ordeal (Image: ITV)

But he also wanted to see Daryan as he had a gift for him that he hoped would go some way into repaying him for helping tackle Blake and stop him from causing any more injuries to others. “I got you a little something” Stu said as he placed a box onto the table in front of Daryan.

“It’s nothing, just a token of our appreciation,” he added as the teen opened up the box to find a pair of football boots – and was very clearly thrilled. But the scenes left Corrie fans shouting at home as Stu made a gigantic error if you believe in superstitions. @CxxPIPxx tweeted: “Omfg why doesn’t Stu know that YOU DON’T PUT NEW SHOES ON A TABLE #Corrie.”

@penniless_poet replied: “The poor lad is cursed!” @AngeBlue55 said: “Get the new shoes off the table!! #corrie.” @CaroleAnn1982 echoed: “Don’t put new shoes on a table #corrie.” @KaniaMcKalliah added: “#Corrie Arrrggggghhhhhhh! Don’t you all know about the ‘old fishwives tale’ of never putting NEW shoes/boots/trainers on a table? It will bring bad luck to the wearer! Yikes!”

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