Corrie spoilers for next week: Daisy’s stalker hell, Max ‘exits’ and legend returns

Coronation Street spoilers tease a possible exit for Max Turner, while one Weatherfield favourite makes a big return to the ITV soap

Coronation Street is lining up big scenes for several characters next week, including Damon Hay.

It could be the start of his mystery romance plot which is set to see one character develop a “magnetic attraction” to the villain.

It results in “colossal consequences”, as Damon’s stay on the Street causes more problems for more residents.

But it isn’t just Damon taking centre-stage next week, as other characters feature in drama too – from revenge plans, to stalker ordeals and even a big return.

There’s also a possible exit on the cards for one teenager who is facing a stint in prison. Here’s the big things happening on Corrie next week…

Coronation Street airs revenge next week ( Image: ITV)

Hope’s revenge

Coronation Street airs revenge next week, as one resident wants payback after a brutal murder.

Youngster Hope Stape decides to take action, after her pet chinchilla Cilla was brutally killed on the ITV soap by Peanut the dog.

Next week, Hope confides in Sam how she intends to have her revenge for Cilla’s murder – while Peanut’s owner Beth shares her guilt to Hope’s mother Fiz.

She soon makes a dig about “the posh rat” causing a fight between them, but that is the least of their worries.

Hope has a plan in action, and after stealing David Platt’s stuffed weasel she carefully places its mouth around the skin of her arm. Hope approaches Peanut and lets out a scream, clearly trying to make it look as though she’s been attacked, but will it work?

Later in the week she goes a step further, and as Beth confronts her Hope returns home in tears, and reveals that Beth slapped her in the face.

Max leaves?

Corrie has teased Max Turner’s exit next week amid his extremism storyline ( Image: ITV)

Corrie has teased Max Turner’s exit next week amid his extremism storyline. Spoilers for next week have revealed an exit could be on the cards for Max as he is charged for his part in a recent event, with the police deciding to charge him with Encouragement of Terrorism.

Max is arrested after Blake claims the “inspirational” videos he was encouraged to make by racist Griff led to him trying to kill Maria Connor, resulting in the stabbing of Alya Nazir.

Max’s father David Platt has been desperate to try and help his son, but he’s dealt a blow next week when his son’s solicitor got in touch by e-mail to confirm Max’s charge has been escalated. David is concerned as he tells Gail and Stephen that he is now being charged for encouragement of terrorism.

Harriet, Max’s solicitor, calls at the house and is determined to fight the charges on his behalf, insisting the teenager was groomed by Griff and is very much a victim in all of what happened with Griff and his friends.

Later in the week, David reveals to Maria that Max isn’t taking his calls as he struggles with the news of the charges. Alya tries to reassure him that he’s not to blame for what happened with Max. It’s later revealed that Max has pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing, but will he receive jail term and does that mean an exit is on the cards for the teenager?

Character returns

Eileen Grimshaw is back on the Street

Coronation Street airs the return of a fan favourite next week, after a brief break away from the cobbles.

Eileen Grimshaw is back on the Street, over a month on from her sudden exit on the ITV soap in December.

Sue Cleaver is reprising her role after her character fled to Thailand for some time away, after recent goings on.

Of course I’m A Celebrity viewers will remember Sue was in the jungle last series, so Eileen’s exit was to pave the way for Sue to go to Australia.

But Eileen is back next week, after her son Jason Grimshaw treated her to a month away in Thailand.

Daisy’s stalker hell

Daisy Midgeley will be left in a panic ( Image: ITV)

Daisy Midgeley will be left in a panic as her stalking ordeal escalates next week in Coronation Street.

The influencer is a keen social media user, and it’s got her quite a lot of attention from a group of adoring followers. She was convinced the DJ she met was the one who had been calling her and messaging her non-stop, as well as sending unwanted flowers to the pub, with her husband-to-be Daniel Barlow growing increasingly concerned by it all.

This week, it was finally revealed that Justin – the man she met in the hospital waiting room ahead of her cancer appointment – was the one who had been sending her the bouquets and it was actually her estranged mum who had been calling her.

Next week, Daisy admits to Glenda that Justin is being a bit of a pest to her and she’s keen to sort something out. Whilst Glenda advises her to let Daniel know, the bartender also goes to reveal all about the messages to Christina and Jenny.

With Daniel unable to make the wedding show, Daisy heads there herself and snaps a selfie to share online, not realising that there is a poster behind her that reveals all about her location.

As she tries on wedding dresses, she is horrified when she’s told her fiancé is there, only for Justin to appear. She’s freaked out when she realises he thinks they’re engaged and warns him that she’ll call the police.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and ITV X.

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