Emmerdale spoilers: Mack ‘exposed’, Chas and Paddy divorce ‘sealed’ and Arthur romance

Emmerdale’s Mack is left on edge when Charity receives a phone call from a mystery person. Meanwhile Arthur is stunned when he experience a near kiss and Paddy and Chas divorce may finally be ‘sealed’

Emotions are running high in ITV’s Emmerdale as certain characters will face compromising situations next week.

Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Mackenzie Boyd is sailing close to the wind yet again when his partner Charity Dingle receives a phone call that tips her over the edge.

Could his baby bombshell secret be exposed?

Elsewhere Arthur Thomas becomes emotional when his assembly on LGBTQ is cancelled.

Although he is heartbroken, his frustration leads to a near kiss.

Meanwhile, Paddy Dingle is left heartbroken when his ex partner Chas tells him that she felt more love for Al Chapman than she did for him.

Is it finally over for their marriage?

Mack finally “exposed”

Mack is on edge when Charity receives a call

After she receives news via a mysterious phone call, Charity is left in total shock.

The following day, Mackenzie fears Charity has discovered his bombshell baby secret.

As Charity is clearly struggling with the news she’s been given on the phone, she quickly grabs a bottle of vodka and heads out to clear her head.

A while later, Caleb is too busy chatting on the phone to realise his car key has fallen on the ground which Charity picks up and invites Cain along for the ride.

Irritated Cain’s forced to follow Charity and it soon becomes clear what’s been eating away at her…

Arthur romance

Arthur will face devastation next week

When Marshall stands up for Arthur to a bully in front of Nicola and April there is a moment between the two boys as Arthur realises Marshall really is on his side despite everything he’s been through.

The next day, Laurel is upset and makes a call to the school when Arthur informs her his LGBTQ History assembly has been cancelled.

Following her call to the school, Laurel discloses that one parent complained about the planned lesson.

After an insensitive comment made from Jai, a bewildered a confused Arthur confronts Jai and accuses him of being the one that called to cancel the planned assembly.

A distraught Arthur also feels as though Jai is encouraging him to suppress his sexuality and go back to the way he was which leaves Jai pained.

Arthur lashes out

Later on, Marshall comes to check on Arthur after the cancelled assembly.

Frustrated and annoyed with what’s been happening, Arthur feels like no one is being straight with him, and warns Marshall that if he’s not being honest then he needs to leave him alone.

When confronted by Arthur, Marshall’s cool boy exterior is stripped away and they almost share an intimate kiss but when Marshall’s dad calls unexpectedly, the moment is broken.

In haste and panic, Marshall rushes off, leaving Arthur stunned by what could have happened.

The next day, trying to resolve the issue, an upset Laurel tells Arthur that he can do his presentation at the assembly but he must do it when some parents have withdrawn their children from the meeting.

Feeling disheartened, Laurel wonders how she can help her son through it all.

Paddy divorce ‘sealed’

Could it finally be the end for Paddy and Chas?

Although Paddy was happy to file for divorce, in the back of his mind he still thinks his relationship has a chance.

But Chas confirms to Paddy that her love for Al was stronger than what they had as a married couple.

By confessing her true feelings, she is devastated to know her admission means her marriage is now completely over.

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