ITV Coronation Street fans left ‘upset’ as they spot Adam Barlow change

Adam Barlow in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street fans wasted no time in commenting on social media as they spotted a change to Adam Barlow. The character, played by Sam Roberton, was back on screen in the ITV soap on Thursday night (January 26) in an unusual airing for the soap as it was brought forward by a day due to a change in the TV schedule.

Adam, Weatherfield’s very own lawyer, was seen being drafted in to help the Platts after Max Turner was arrested. The nephew of his wife, Sarah Barlow, was picked up by the police and charged with incitement for attempted murder after fellow teen Blake stabbed Alya Nazir in a frenzied attack in Speed Daal.

In shocking scenes, the restaurant owner was impaled by a knife after jumping in front of Maria Connor, who was Blake’s intended target due to her plans for a refugee centre. The attack happened during a drop-in at Speed Daal and Max tried to warn them of what was happening after seeing Blake’s live stream.

Chaos then ensued as Blake ran towards Maria brandishing the knife with Max watching on as he raced to the venue to try and stop Blake after witnessing his vile video. When Alya spotted what is happening she jumped in front of Blake and he ended up stabbing her. As she fell to the floor the horrified guests ran out onto the street as Maria’s husband Gary and refugee Daryan battled with Blake who was still brandishing the knife.

After Maira and Yasmeen tried to help a worsening Alya, help arrived and she was rushed to the hospital for a life-saving operation with the doctor telling her gran her lung had been punctured. And on Thursday night, viewers saw that Alya was on track to make a full recovery as she was awake and talking in the hospital.

Sarah wanted Adam’s legal expertise but he ended up turning her down due to Alya now working at the solicitor’s office alongside Dee-Dee Bailey. Dee-Dee overheard his conversation and appeared relieved to hear Adam refusing to offer his legal service to Max. However, as she vowed to find someone else, Adam said he did know someone who could help.

Adam’s new hair got people talking (Image: ITV)

But while all this was going on, Corrie viewers were rushing to comment on Adam’s new look. Helen Amy Peppercorn wrote on Facebook: “What has Adam done to his hair!” Pat Farrant commented: “I am more upset about Adam’s man bun.” @corriepodcast joked: “Can we be absolutely sure that Cilla the Chinchilla didn’t fake her own death and has taken up residence on the back of Adam’s head? #corrie.”

@Greg_Phillips_ posted: “You can’t say, Adam Barlow hasn’t been through a variety of hairstyles over the last couple of years, but the man bun is a step too far…..#corrie.” @BigScotsLass joked: “Adam’s sportin a manbun(?) Ah widnae trust a lawyer wi a manbun. He looks well dodgy. #Corrie.”

@Zombiechick1967 shared: “Omg has Adam got a bun in?? 3 jars of gel & a bun #Corrie #CoronationStreet.” @GeorgiaBowring added: “#Corrie Just noticed! Adam is becoming Scotland’s answer to Gareth Bale!”

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