Coronation Street stars ‘worried’ about long-running killer storyline

Coronation Street’s latest serial killer Stephen Reid has disposed of Teddy Thompkins’ body in a canal after accidentally killing him in Underworld.

Since the murder, Stephen (played by Todd Boyce) has been doing everything he can to cover his tracks but has gotten himself in hot water with Underworld Queen Carla Connor (Alison King). Todd has previously admitted Stephen could soon set his sights on Carla after being embarrassed in front of former business associates, but revealed many of his co-stars are worried about their future on the show.

Teddy (Grant Burgin) had regained his memory and remembered Stephen had killed his son Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost).

Panicking, Stephen hit Teddy over the head with a hole punch and killed him on the spot adding another body to his list.

He decided the best way to transport the body was putting it in Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) roof box on top of her car.

After sinking the box into the canal, Stephen decided to delete the CCTV from the factory and try to move on with his life.

Coronation Street’s Todd Boyce admits co-stars are worried about Stephen storyline (Image: ITV)
Stephen recently killed Teddy over fears of being exposed for Leo’s murder (Image: ITV)

However, Carla had it in for the clumsy murderer and was intent on embarrassing him and thought about firing him from his position.

Getting on the bad side of Stephen always comes with its worries which many of Todd’s co-stars have dealt with since his arrival.

Speaking to and other press Todd explained: “What is quite wonderful is Iain [McLeod] and the writers, I think I’ve had a scene with probably every main character on the street.

“Which makes them all terrified. I am sure they just stay away from me. I get asked all the time repeatedly by the same people, ‘So how long are you going to be on the show for?’

Carla has been taunting Stephen recently (Image: ITV)
Will Stephen claim Carla as his next victim (Image: ITV)

“Because I’ve had people ask me like three or four times, the same person! I just really want to know, they are just sweating it they really are.

“And then there are rumours about people that I don’t think I would kill, I’m being told ‘do you think you’re going to kill that person?’ They’re nervy and worried.”

Coronation Street boss Iain agreed and expressed everyone should be worried when it comes to Stephen and his murderous path.

He explained: “Everyone should be worried. I know whenever you’ve got a serial killer on a soap the whole cast is worried.

“They are suddenly like, ‘Is it going to be me?’, whenever I ring an actor up and say., ‘Can you pop in for a chat?’ they are like, ‘Well that’s it, you know Todd’s going to do me in’ so that’s quite funny in that respect.

“But yes, lots of people should be worried. You know, I love this about Todd as well. When people say, ‘So you’re a serial killer are you?’ and he is like, ‘Well, no, I’m just a very desperate man backed into a corner’.”

When touching on what it was like to return to the cobbles as a serial killer, Todd added: “I feel like a kid that’s climbed into his television set and inhabited the street.

“It’s just wonderful to have that established reputation. 26 years ago I had to spend a year on the street to know it.”

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