EastEnders star James Farrar confirms possibility of Zack and Sam romance as she supports him over HIV diagnosis

But could they reunite? (Picture: BBC)

As Zack Hudson (James Farrar) continues to deal with the aftermath of his positive HIV test in EastEnders, he ends up turning to an old flame for support – Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf).

Having previously been in a relationship, Sam recognised there was something troubling Zack in recent weeks, but he struggled to open up and tell her that it was because his old friend, Brett, said he should get tested.

Coming up, while in Peggy’s, Zack starts to wonder why Sam never left for her new life in Germany with Ricky (Sid Owen).

While we know that it’s down to Ricky Jnr (Frankie Day) being the father of Lily’s (Lillia Turner) baby, Zack can help but overthink.

Probing for extra information, Zack ends up saying too much which causes Sam’s suspicions to grow.

Putting two and two together, Sam realises the text from the GUM (sexual health) clinic was about Zack.

Zack has struggled in the aftermath of his diagnosis (Picture: ITV)

What follows next is a moving conversation between the former couple – something Zack didn’t expect to happen, as James Farrar recently told Inside Soap Magazine:

‘Zack thinks Sam will judge him, but she comes in with understanding and compassion. I really like their relationship – there’s still a possibility of romance there, but it’s more than just physical attraction.’

‘There will be so many examples in the next few months of Sam going above and beyond for Zack.’

While Zack is happy to have a friend by his side, James said that ‘it’s not the person that he wishes he could tell’ as ‘Whitney would be number one for him’.

Amid this storyline, EastEnders has also confirmed recently that Whitney and Zack’s baby will be diagnosed with Edward’s Syndrome.

Whitney receives the diagnosis next month, when an ultrasound scan identifies a birth defect which prompts further testing.

The soap is working with SOFT UK and Antenatal Results and Choices, to accurately reflect and raise awareness of Edwards’ Syndrome while sensitively portrayed the tough decisions that prospective parents are faced with following a diagnosis.

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