Emmerdale fans will recognise sinister villain Greg from racy Netflix series

Emmerdale fans were revolted when villain Greg first appeared to threaten Ethan and Marcus’ happiness together – but now he’s back, and could ruin Ethan’s career in law

Emmerdale fans were left grinding their teeth when sinister baddie Greg first appeared on our ITV screens, making a move on Marcus Dean and attempting to split him and Ethan Anderson up.

But plenty will recognise the villain from his various other projects, including one very saucy Netflix series.

Now, Greg is back, attempting to discredit the complaint Ethan made against him at the law firm.

Poor Ethan is considering quitting the legal business altogether, dropping the investigation into Greg’s conduct and giving up on getting justice.

But this week, viewers will see Naomi attempt to lead Greg into a honeytrap, using Nate as bait to finally set the plan into motion while recording the whole thing on his phone.

Will the flirting work? Or will Nate and Naomi find themselves in more trouble?

Emmerdale fans were creeped out by Greg’s advances when he first appeared (Image: ITV)

In real life, Greg is played by Daniel Betts.

Daniel made his name in the Netflix series Sex Education, in which he played Sergeant Morris for one episode back in 2020.

He also appeared as a regular in Fate: The Winx Saga, along with having roles in everything from Gentleman Jack to The Crown.

The star has appeared in plenty of other shows, including Sex Education (Image: Channel 4)

Over the years, Daniel has made appearances in shows like Angela Black, Atlantic Crossing and Chloe.

He was born in 1971 in Cuckfield, West Sussex, and eventually attended the Drama Centre in London until 1993.

TV work isn’t his only claim to fame, however, as Daniel is also a keen voiceover artist working on various adverts over the years.

Could Ethan and Marcus be in more trouble? (Image: ITV)

As for his character Greg, fans think they already know what he’s up to.

Taking to Twitter, one penned: “Greg is so creepy!” while another agreed: “This Greg geezer looks a right sick f*** I bet he’s got a dozen or more rent boys buried in his back garden!”

Someone else went as far as to suggest: “Everyone has been saying Marcus is the dodgy one in #Emmerdale but what if it’s Ethan?

“What if he’s in on the whole thing and struck up a dodgy deal to get further in his career with Greg?”

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