Emmerdale’s Bob and Bernice romance ‘sealed’ as fans warn Wendy to stay away

Emmerdale viewers have pointed out that Bob Hope and Bernice Blackstock could possibly start becoming rather close as they embark on their new business venture together

Fans of Emmerdale seem to think romance could be in the air for Bob Hope and Bernice Blackstock.

The pair who recently purchased the B&B together have been trying to see eye to eye as they come up with plans on how to furnish and decorate their new business venture.

But as viewers watched the pair interact, many thought that they would soon hook up in due course while telling close friend Wendy Posner to stay out of their business.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their thoughts.

One viewer said: “Bernice and Bob are the most perfect couple. I give it a month before they get together. And HOW have they never been an item? They’ve been in #Emmerdale

While another chimed: “Bob needs to dump fake nurse Wendy and try his luck with Bernice, they have much better chemistry, plus may mean Wendy moves far far far far away.”

A third said: “Can’t really see Bob & Bernice getting together cos Bob wouldn’t do that sort of……well actually the randy old git.”

Meanwhile a fourth said: “Don’t let Wendy get in the middle of Bernice and Bob’s partnership they are the humour #Emmerdale needs not her misery.”

Could Bernice and Bob be a thing? (Image: ITV)

At the moment Bob is left contemplating how to get Bernice and her sister Nicola King to make peace before war breaks out again in the village.

But as well his issues with Bernice and Nicola, Bob is trying to navigate life with his daughter Cathy who has been taking contraceptive pill to help with her periods.

Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson recently told Express.co.uk and other press that there is a lot in store for Bob and his young daughter Cathy.

Cathy and Bob will have an emotional storyline

She said: “You’ll see a big story for Cathy, Bob’s daughter, which is very emotional.

“It’s her first big story really and it’s a challenging one, and I think it’s one a lot of parents will connect with.

“It’s one I haven’t seen a soap do before. So Cathy’s got a big storyline coming up,” she explained.

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